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Apart from directing it, he had also composed the background score and songs for the film. National Film Award inside the black box narang pdf Best Supporting Actor.

Mumbai underworld as its backdrop. Maqbool is grateful and feels a close connection and personal indebtedness to Abba Ji. Maqbool will soon take over the reins of the Mumbai Underworld from Abba Ji. Abba Ji’s mistress, but she and Maqbool are secretly in love. Nimmi encourages Maqbool’s ambitions and persuades him to kill Abba Ji to take over as Don.

Maqbool is torn between his love for Nimmi and his loyalty to Abba Ji, but he begins to prepare the ground for becoming a Don, by ensuring that others in the line of succession cannot interfere. Finally, Maqbool murders Abba Ji in cold blood while he is in bed at night, with Nimmi next to him. Nimmi are haunted by guilt, seeing Abba Ji’s ghost and unable to wash the blood from their hands. There is also suspicion, within the gang, of Maqbool’s role in the death of Abba Ji, and eventually the lovers meet a tragic end. The two open the film in their roles as black comic relief corrupt police inspectors-cum-astrologers, predict the fall of Abba Ji—who has them on his payroll—and the rise and fall of Maqbool. Contrary to the original play, the corrupt cops are not just passive soothsayers.