India tourism statistics 2015 pdf

In 2013, tourism arrivals increased by india tourism statistics 2015 pdf. 5 percent year on year, with business travelers increasing 47 percent.

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Amazing Thailand” to promote Thailand internationally. In 2015, this was supplemented by a “Discover Thainess” campaign. Among the reasons for the increase in tourism in the 1960s were the stable political atmosphere and the development of Bangkok as a crossroads of international air transport. The hotel industry and retail industry both expanded rapidly due to tourist demand. Thailand was one of the first players in Asia to capitalise on this then-new trend. 59 million foreign guests visiting Thailand in 2016.

2016, up 11 percent from 2015. TAT officials said their revenue estimates, for foreign and domestic tourists combined, show that tourism revenue for all of 2017 may surpass earlier forecasts of 2. 7 million persons arrived from ASEAN countries and the number is expected to grow to 8. 3 million in 2016, generating 245 billion baht.

Around 55 percent of Thailand’s tourists are return visitors. The peak period is during the Christmas and New Year holidays when Western tourists flee cold conditions at home. 6 million Chinese visitors travelled to Thailand. In 2015, Chinese tourists numbered 7.

9 million or 27 percent of all international tourist arrivals, 29. 75 million Chinese tourists visited Thailand in 2016. Thailand relies heavily on Chinese tourists to meet its tourism revenue target of 2. 2 trillion baht in 2015 and 2. Chinese visitors now account for 27 percent of all foreign travellers to Thailand.

Chinese media outlets have claimed that Thailand superseded Hong Kong as the top destination for Chinese travellers during the 2013 May Day holiday. The huge influx of Chinese tourists has not been without its downside. Locals have complained that many Chinese visitors are culturally insensitive and boorish. This has led the Thai government to publish a Mandarin language “etiquette manual” for distribution to Chinese tourists. In 2015, Thailand hosted 1.