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Fuxi was an ancient Chinese god who was said to show the ancient Chinese people how to domesticate animals. He was a giant sleeping in an egg of chaos. As he awoke, he stood up and divided the sky and the earth. Pangu then died after standing up, and his body turned into rivers, mountains, plants, animals, and everything importance of spelling pdf in the world, among which is a powerful being known as Hua Hsu.

Hua Hsu gave birth to a twin brother and sister, Fuxi and Nüwa. Fuxi and Nüwa are said to be creatures that have faces of human and bodies of snakes. Chinese began the marriage rituals. One day they set up two separated piles of fire, and the fire eventually became one. Under the fire, they decided to become husband and wife. Fuxi and Nüwa used clay to create offsprings, and with the divine power they made the clay figures come alive.

These clay figures were the earliest human beings. Fuxi establishing marriage ritual in his tribe. The creation of human beings was a symbolic story of having a larger family structure that included the figure of a father. Fu Xi in Huaiyang Country ranks first. In the beginning there was as yet no moral or social order.