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How to Cleanse the Lymph System. Your lymphatic system acts as your immune system pdf files’s drainage system, filtering and removing waste products from your body.

Without your lymphatic system, your cardiovascular and immune systems would begin to shut down. Your lymphatic system acts as your body’s drainage system, filtering and removing waste products from your body. When the fluid in your lymphatic system is thick and sluggish with toxins, your muscles don’t get the blood they need, your organs feel painful and tight, and your energy levels are low. According to natural health practitioners, its important to cleanse your lymph system. Every part of your body feels the pain of having a clogged lymphatic system, as every cell in your body relies on a well-functioning lymphatic system to stay healthy.

A clogged or blocked lymph system may contribute to health issues like heart disease, lymphedema, and lymphatic cancer. Although scientific research has not proven that sugary foods lead to a buildup of toxins, cutting back on processed foods, especially processed foods that contain sugar, can lower the amount of toxins in your body. Try to reduce processed foods made with simple sugars and carbohydrates, or foods containing artificial flavoring in your diet. The less waste your lymphatic system has to filter, the more easily it will flow and clean your body. Cut out red meat, shellfish, and hydrogenated fats. Red meat and shellfish are hard to digest and can clog up your lymphatic system, according to natural health practitioners.

If you do need to eat animal based protein, go for organic meats. Hydrogenated fats can be oxidized easily and this will lead to a clogging of the arteries and lymphatic system. Reduce the dairy and white flour in your diet. Though there is no scientific evidence these foods can cause lymph issues, dairy and white flour form mucus in your body that can congest your lymphatic system.