I felt a funeral in my brain pdf

The word is also used to i felt a funeral in my brain pdf a cultural complex of behaviours in which the bereaved participate or are expected to participate. Customs vary between cultures and evolve over time, though many core behaviors remain constant.

Wearing black clothes is one practice followed in many countries, though other forms of dress are seen. Those most affected by the loss of a loved one often observe a period of grieving, marked by withdrawal from social events and quiet, respectful behavior. People may follow religious traditions for such occasions. Mourning may apply to the death of, or anniversary of the death of, an important individual like a local leader, monarch, religious figure, etc. State mourning may occur on such an occasion.

In recent years, some traditions have given way to less strict practices, though many customs and traditions continue to be followed. This short phase of mourning occurs when one finds out the loss. The person refuses to believe it. This is a more or less intense period where emotions seem virtually absent.

The affected person can faint and may even vomit without being conscious. After this short stage of mourning the reality of loss sets in. This phase is characterized by a sense of outrage due to the loss. Guilt can be installed in some cases.

Phase of internal bargaining and negotiation. A more or less long phase of the mourning process which is characterized by great sadness, questioning, and distress. Mourners in this phase sometimes feel that they will never complete their mourning. They have experienced a wide range of emotions and their sorrow is great. Last stage of mourning where the bereaved gets better. The reality of the loss is much more understood and accepted.