How to run a restaurant pdf

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The famous Benihana “Tiki How to run a restaurant pdf”, used for various exotic cocktails, has become collectible.

In 1982, Benihana National Corporation went public with Joel Schwartz as president. Some of the restaurants continued to be privately owned by Aoki. Its stock dived and shareholders sued over management including the fact that Aoki still had his privately held restaurants of the same name. In 1995, the company acquired 17 restaurants from Benihana of Tokyo.

The company has since expanded by purchasing the Haru and RA Sushi restaurants, which operate under those names. RA has locations across the country, and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, with its original four locations scattered around the greater Phoenix area. Although Benihana owns these concepts, they are independently operated and were developed autonomously. It also acquired the Samurai and Kyoto restaurants which it has incorporated into its other brands. In 2004, the company issued a class of preferred stock to BFC Financial corporation to renovate its restaurants and expand. The stock diluted Aoki’s control of the chain and the family sued, citing that Benihana had no compelling need for the cash, other forms of capital were available, and that the terms of the preferred stock issued to BFC were onerous.