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Astrological Chart — New Millennium. A horoscope calculated for January 1, 2000 at 12:01:00 A. In modern scientific framework no known interaction exists that could be responsible for the transmission of the alleged influence between a person and the position of stars in the sky at the moment of birth. In all tests completed, keeping strict methods to include a control group and proper blinding between experimenters and subjects, horoscopes have shown no effect beyond pure chance.

The horoscope serves as a stylized map of the heavens over a specific location at a particular moment in time. The emphasis and interpretation of these factors varies with tradition. In a sphere whose radius is infinitely large, this plane may be treated as nearly equivalent to the parallel plane with its centre at the Earth’s center. In most systems of house division, the ascendant is the cusp of the 1st house and the midheaven is the cusp of the 10th house. Sun would be if the birth time was midday. Sun, as its middle line. Aries, but the sidereal zodiac allows it to precess.

0 deg, 0 min, 50. 23 seconds a year, drifting by one degree every 72 years. 5 arc minutes of a degree every 6 years. The tropical signs relate to the seasons and not the stars. So constellations and signs are not the same, although for historical reasons they might have the same names. This is the single astrological fact familiar to most people.

For some the cusp includes a small portion of the two signs or houses under consideration. Astrologers have devised many systems of calculating these house divisions. The first house begins at the ascendant and the others are numbered counterclockwise from that point. The first six are therefore below the horizon, and the other six are above. The positions of these houses remains fixed relative to the native. The signs and planets all move through the twelve houses during the course of a day, and the planets move through the signs over the course of months or years. To create a horoscope, an astrologer first has to ascertain the exact time and place of the subject’s birth, or the initiation of an event.