How to add a pdf to my kindle

How to How to add a pdf to my kindle a PDF to a Kindle. Your Kindle can be a great tool for your personal or professional life. While the primary function is as an ebook reader, some Kindles can play . 3s, be used to read local e-newspapers, and even be used to read a wide variety of documents.

The PDF is currently one of the most popular read-only file formats. Getting a PDF onto your Kindle isn’t too hard by either connecting it to your computer via USB, or emailing the document to your Kindle’s personalized email address. Convert the desired document into a PDF. If the file you wish to read is a document you’ve written or received, or other format that Kindle can’t read, convert the file to a PDF. Certain files can easily be converted to PDFs depending on what the original file is, such as a . However, word documents require a bit more work.

Open the document you wish to convert to a PDF. Save As’’’ in the drop down menu. Format’’’ section with a drop down menu. If PDF is not an available format, you may need to install a PDF conversion software or use an online converter service. You will then have the option to save the file type as a PDF.

Print’’’ menu in a document or on a webpage to convert or save your file as a PDF. Then, in the print menu, you should have the option to save the document as a PDF instead of printing it. Other applications, like photo viewers or editors will give you the option to export your document as a PDF under File, Export as PDF. Additionally, there are a number of programs or web services that will convert your PDF to a native . Connect your Kindle to your computer. Once you have your PDF ready to be transferred, it’s time to plug your Kindle into your USB drive.

Do this using the Kindle’s standard USB cord. Make sure that your Kindle is turned on. Not all USB cords will effectively connect your Kindle to your computer allowing you to transfer files. Some cords only charge the device. For this reason, it’s always advisable to use the cord that came with your device. Sometimes, you may have to install separate software to connect your Kindle to your computer, especially if you are using the Kindle Fire. If you are on Mac OS X 10.

5 and above, it is recommended that you use the Android File Transfer application. For Windows, it is recommended that you have at least Windows Media Player 11 installed. Locate your Kindle folder on your computer. Once your Kindle is successfully connected to your computer, open your Kindle drive.

You can find the Kindle drive in the same place your external USB drives appear. On a Mac, this is typically right on the desktop. Finder’’’ and locate the Kindle drive from the left panel. Right now your Kindle is acting like an external hard drive storing information such as your books, music, and any other files you may have. Depending on which model you have, you will see a number of different folders and files. This will bring you to where all your e-reading material is stored.

You may see several folders within this folder and a couple different file types. You don’t need to click on anything once inside your document folder. The standard file type for a Kindle e-book is either . Kindle will accept a variety of file types, like PDF. Locate the PDF you wish to transfer.

Click on the PDF file to select it. Now drag the file into your Kindle Documents folder. The PDF will now automatically sync with your Kindle. If using a Mac, simply click the Kindle icon and drag it to the trash. You may now disconnect the device from your computer. Each Kindle unlocks a little differently, so follow the unlocking instructions to get to your home screen. Your recently converted PDF will appear in your documents or books list.