Hijama books in english pdf

All Muslim doctors and parents should be aware of vaccine ingredients, and of the failed efficacy of vaccines. The harm is clearly greater than the benefit. The time has come to take hijama books in english pdf stand for truth. Vaccines are also contaminated with mycoplasma, bacteria, monkey viruses and various adjuvants.

Mercury and aluminium have each been proved to damage the brain and nervous system. In some cases, thiomersal has been replaced by another neurotoxin known as 2PE. Many of these ingredients are not allowed for Muslims, Jews, Hindus or vegetarians. Vaccination is based on the long-discredited theory that stimulation of antibodies in the human body equals protection from disease. This theory has not only failed to be proved, but has been repeatedly disproved.

Stimulation of antibodies does not equal immunity and certainly does not equal permanent immunity. The presence of antibodies is merely a sign of exposure to a disease, which is just one small aspect of what makes up the immune system. Children, with underdeveloped and immature immune systems, receive today about 25 separate vaccines by the age of 13 months. There is no doubt this irresponsible system disrupts and can even destroy the development of their immune systems forever. This reflects a grave medical assault inflicted on the small, weak, defenceless bodies of our innocent children. Unthinkably, vaccine studies do not include placebo groups.

No research has been done on the long-term effects of vaccines. Post-marketing data of reactions, injury and death go ignored. Moreover, the system lacks individualization. Apparently, one size fits all.

There is no pre-screening for immune problems and allergies. Overloading the human body with infections and sub-infections will irreparably disrupt and destroy the immune system. Chemicals in vaccines induce allergies, asthma, and autoimmune disease, including autism. By the way, don’t let any indoctrinated doctor tell you vaccines do not cause autism. Sexual immorality and adultery are stirred by offering our daughters HPV vaccination against cervical cancer. Notably and incredibly, the HPV vaccine is shown to make some recipients even more susceptible to cervical cancer.

According to many scientific reports, there is additional concern that some vaccines cause infertility and are used for clandestine population control. The proper role of medicine is to work to find and prevent the root cause of disease, not treat symptoms or fill the body with chemicals and vaccines. The case against vaccination is first an Islamic one, based on Islamic ethos regarding the perfection of the natural human body’s immune defence system, empowered by great and prophetic guidance to avoid most infections. The case against vaccination is also a medical and health-related one. Incredible evidence, unbeknownst to most, has emerged in the West regarding the many serious health hazards that affect those who have been vaccinated. Colostrum in breast milk, a rich source of myriad antibodies, is extraordinarily important in conveying immunity to the child during the first few days after birth.

Breastfeeding up to two years gives incredible immunity into the future. Medical studies evidence the amazing protection of breastfeeding against infections, even including poliomyelitis. The first two years of life are a crucial time during which the child’s body will develop a natural and mature immune system. Vaccination disrupts and damages the natural process of human development. Creator, the Designer, has organised for the destruction of most germs and viruses through the natural process of entry-and-defence via skin, mucous, and the stomach. This process is very different from injection of a vaccine directly into the body without crossing natural defence barriers.