Hangzhou metro map pdf

Construction of Line 1 started on 6 June 2009. Line 2 started construction on 28 December 2010. As planned, Line 1 hangzhou metro map pdf services on 26 December 2013 and Line 2 commenced services on 19 August 2016.

Line 1, is a west-east line with a total length of 34. Type B metro trains for Line 1 under a contract signed in January 2011. The first phase which runs West to East has 20 stations and is 26. The phase is entirely underground and opened in 2013.

In January 12, 2017 an eastern and western extension was opened adding 15. 01 km and 9 stations to the line. Line 2, a north-south line with a total length of 27. Chengjiao line is a suburban metro line with a total length of 31. In total three lines are under construction, and ten lines are planned. The line will use larger six-car Type A metro trains due to a high predicted demand. Long term ridership is expected to reach over 1.