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C per decade in the years 1971-2001. If greenhouse gas global warming project pdf free download continue the warming will also continue, with temperatures projected to increase by 1.

C between 1990 and 2100. The balance of impacts of global warming become significantly negative at larger values of warming. The level of consensus correlates with expertise in climate science. For the purpose of this list, a “scientist” is defined as an individual who has published at least one peer-reviewed research article in the broad field of natural sciences, although not necessarily in a field relevant to climatology. Their views on climate change are usually described in more detail in their biographical articles. Only individuals who have their own Wikipedia article may be included in the list. These scientists have said that it is not possible to project global climate accurately enough to justify the ranges projected for temperature and sea-level rise over the 21st century.

They may not conclude specifically that the current IPCC projections are either too high or too low, but that the projections are likely to be inaccurate due to inadequacies of current global climate modeling. Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University. National Council for Air and Stream Improvement. Apollo 17 Astronaut, former U. German politician and energy executive with a doctorate in chemistry. These scientists have said that the observed warming is more likely to be attributable to natural causes than to human activities.

Australian delegate to World Meteorological Organization Commission for Climatology. Center for Climatic Research, University of Delaware. These scientists have said that no principal cause can be ascribed to the observed rising temperatures, whether man-made or natural. International Arctic Research Center of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. New Zealand physical chemist with expertise in coal ashes.