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It is a horror novel that has strong elements of fantasy. The story concerns two young boys, Tom Flanagan and Del Nightingale, who spend a summer with Del’s uncle Coleman Collins, who is one of the foremost magicians in the world. As time passes, however, Tom begins to suspect that what Collins is teaching is not a series of harmless tricks, ghost story pdf peter straub is in fact real sorcery.

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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. It follows a group of elderly businessmen in New England who gather to recount their involvement in a woman’s death decades prior when one of them suspects her ghost has been haunting him. It was released in the United States on December 18, 1981. 1979, four elderly friends—businessman Ricky Hawthorne, lawyer Sears James, Dr. Edward Charles Wanderley—form the Chowder Society, an informal men’s club who get together each week to share tales of horror. His other son, Don, comes home at Edward’s request.

Some time after David’s funeral, Edward sees him walking through town during a snowstorm and follows him to a bridge, where he disappears. Calling out to his dead son, he suddenly sees the female apparition that killed David, and falls to his death from the bridge. Meanwhile, two escaped patients from a mental asylum, Gregory and Fenny Bate, have taken up residence in the old Eva Galli house, now in ruins. Don approaches the remaining three friends and tells them a “ghost” story to gain membership into the Chowder Society.

The two of them immediately hit if off and before long they got engaged. Alma insist she wants to marry Don in his home town of Milburn but he is reluctant as he considers the town a boring place. However, Don soon began to suspect that something was terribly wrong with Alma, a gut feeling that was vindicated one night when he touched her and realized she was as cold as a corpse. Don eventually broke things off with Alma, and Alma, furious, disappeared from his life. He falls into a depression, which ends up costing him both his reputation and his job.

A month later, he called his brother in New York and learned to his horror that Alma began dating David not long after he broke off their engagement, and that now he’s going to marry her. Don desperately tries to warn his brother to get away from Alma, declaring she’s dangerous. However, his brother scoffs at the warning and hangs up. Not long after, David was killed and Don suspected her of being involved in his death. The elderly friends react to Don’s story. Don then shows the four elders an old photograph from the 1920s he’d found among his father’s possessions. In it there is a striking young woman who is a dead ringer for Alma.

Jaffrey, realizing what has happened, pleads with his friends to tell the truth, but is rebuffed. Finally, Sears and Ricky explain to Don that, in the spring of 1929, the four friends became smitten with a young flirtatious girl of mysterious origins named Eva Galli. Outside her house, the other three friends serenaded Eva in hopes of catching a glimpse of her when a shirtless Edward came to the window instead, giving the impression that he did sleep with her. Edward left with his friends, and the four became very drunk, discussing Eva’s prowess in the bedroom. They returned to her house, where all but Sears danced with her. When it was proposed that they leave, Sears suggestively insisted on getting his dance, to which she pointedly responded that she intended to dance with all of them.