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ZPass lanes to reach booths accepting cash payments. ZPass toll lane, the wrong toll amount will be charged if the tag’s programmed vehicle class does not match the vehicle. ZPass tags for commercial vehicles are blue in color, contrasting with the white tags assigned to standard passenger vehicles. ZPass is also used in government employee vehicles. This network provides the means to exchange tag data and process toll transactions across the various agencies. Tag data is exchanged among the agencies on a nightly basis.

ZPass transponder works by listening for a signal broadcast by the reader stationed at the toll booth. ZPass agency within several days of first using their E-ZPass. E-ZPass for toll payment during the first half of 2016. 3 billion-a-year toll industry—sought to create a compatible electronic-tolling technology that could be used on the toll roads and bridges of the three states, in an effort to reduce congestion on some of the busiest roadways and toll plazas in the United States. ZPass trademark, however, belongs to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

EZ Pass” regional transit pass to “EZ transit pass” to protect its rights. ZPass was first deployed on the Thruway at the Spring Valley toll plaza on August 3, 1993. ZPass had been installed along the entire length of the corridor. E-ZPass debuted on the turnpike between Harrisburg West and the Delaware River Bridge. By December 15, 2001, E-ZPass could be used on the entire length of the mainline Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Turnpike system was taking E-ZPass by 2006. Fred Slavin and Randy J. Meanwhile, various other agencies began work on similar electronic toll collecting facilities. ZPass system continues to expand. ZPass ETC transponders do not work on all toll roads in the United States. 2012, all ETC facilities in the United States must reach some form of interoperability by October 1, 2016.