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This article is about the album by Lawson. As of July 2016, the album has sold 169,812 copies. Guitarist Joel Peat said of the album: “We’re all so excited to release our debut album, we’ve been building up to it for the past four years, and the album’s title for us is gary chapman books pdf, because it is the first place that we played together as a band.

Going out on tour to support the album is amazing too. Doing shows in our Hometowns feels like the perfect way to celebrate. Performing live is what we love the most, so to be able to play our biggest venues to date in the cities where we grew up is very special. The album’s track listing was confirmed by the band via their official website on 24 September 2012. Following the single release, the band undertook their second headline tour, in which they visited locations such as Glasgow, Sheffield, Nottingham, London and Birmingham. In August 2012, the band announced a Hometown Tour, during which they visited several towns and cities across Britain, including the hometowns of band members Andy, Adam, Ryan and Joel. September 2012, before becoming available to purchase from 14 October 2012.

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