Fourier series and fourier transform examples pdf

The measured intensity directly indicates how much light fourier series and fourier transform examples pdf emitted at that wavelength. By varying the monochromator’s wavelength setting, the full spectrum can be measured. Fourier-transform spectroscopy is a less intuitive way to get the same information.

This process is repeated many times. Afterwards, a computer takes all this data and works backwards to infer how much light there is at each wavelength. The raw data is sometimes called an “interferogram”. Because of the existing computer equipment requirements, and the ability of light to analyze very small amounts of substance, it is often beneficial to automate many aspects of the sample preparation.

The sample can be better preserved and the results are much easier to replicate. Both of these benefits are important, for instance, in testing situations that may later involve legal action, such as those involving drug specimens. An “interferogram” from a Fourier-transform spectrometer. In general, the goal of absorption spectroscopy is to measure how well a sample absorbs or transmits light at each different wavelength.