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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The bull was the symbolic animal of Hadad. Ramman was formerly incorrectly taken by many scholars to be an independent Assyrian-Babylonian god later identified with the Hadad. Iškur as both threatening in his stormy rage and generally life-form ba 208 pdf and benevolent.

He sometimes appears as the assistant or companion of one or the other of the two. When Enki distributed the destinies, he made Iškur inspector of the cosmos. Iškur is also sometimes described as the son of Enlil. Adad was developed along with his warrior aspect. Anu is often associated with Adad in invocations.

Iškur presents two aspects in the hymns, incantations, and votive inscriptions. On the one hand he is the god who, through bringing on the rain in due season, causes the land to become fertile, and, on the other hand, the storms that he sends out bring havoc and destruction. His association with the sun-god, Shamash, due to the natural combination of the two deities who alternate in the control of nature, leads to imbuing him with some of the traits belonging to a solar deity. Iškur’s more peaceful and pastoral character. Shamash and Adad became in combination the gods of oracles and of divination in general. Whether the will of the gods is determined through the inspection of the liver of the sacrificial animal, through observing the action of oil bubbles in a basin of water or through the observation of the movements of the heavenly bodies, it is Shamash and Adad who, in the ritual connected with divination, are invariably invoked. Hadad is the lord of the sky who governs the rain and thus the germination of plants with the power to determine fertility.