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Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. This article is about the American movie. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Almost immediately after the bus’s engine is equipped with nuclear fuel, a bomb goes off, critically injuring Professor Baxter, the scientist in charge of the project. Coyote Lines has lost both its driver and co-driver.

Kitty Baxter, the professor’s daughter and the Cyclops designer, is forced to turn to Dan Torrance, an old flame. Torrance blamed his co-driver for cannibalism, insisting that he himself survived by eating the seats and the luggage, and only ate part of a passenger’s foot by accident. Alex would prefer to use a manmade earthquake, but Iron Man insists that the bus be destroyed and discredited. Alex sneaks aboard and hides a bomb within the bus. Amid public fanfare, the bus finally leaves New York bound for Denver. Camille Levy, whose father died in the aforementioned Mount Diablo bus crash. Investigating a mechanical problem, Dan finds Alex’s bomb.

He disarms it only before an explosion rips through another part of the bus. Denver, but he also needs to surpass a treacherously curvy road where his father died. Dan almost succeeds, but not before a truck collides into the upper deck windshield, and the bus runs partially off the road, finding itself teetering over a cliff. To save the bus, Dan and Shoulders shift all weight to the back of the bus by pumping all of the vehicle’s storage of carbonated beverages into the opposite end of the bus into the galley, as well as jettisoning all of the passenger luggage. Iron Man is finally persuaded by Alex to use the earthquake. Unfortunately for Iron Man, Alex has somehow set the coordinates for Iron Man’s house instead.

25 miles outside of Denver, the front and rear halves of the bus split from each other. Murphy Dunne as the leader of “Murph and the Magic Tones” because he had seen him as a cheesy lounge singer in an earlier film. Dunne’s only previous performance as a lounge singer. The central set piece of the film is the bus itself—credited for the design is the film’s art director Joel Schiller. Cyclops requires the operation of a driver and co-driver. 110, is equipped with a bowling alley, Oriental-style cocktail lounge with a piano bar, swimming pool, captain’s dining room, private marble-and-gold bathroom with sunken tub, and chef’s kitchen.