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Please forward this eminent persons & places in news pdf screen to 158. 9-volume work, praised for its literary style. English-language nonfiction book of the 20th century. Adams returned home from Europe in the midst of the heated presidential election of 1860, which also was the year his father, Charles Francis Adams, Sr.

Boston firm, but this was short-lived. After his successful re-election, Charles Francis asked Henry to be his private secretary, continuing a father-son pattern set by John and John Quincy and suggesting that Charles Francis had chosen Henry as the political scion of that generation of the family. Henry shouldered the responsibility reluctantly and with much self-doubt. Henry accompanied his father to London as his private secretary. Americans should be patient with the British. Henry wrote to his brother Charles that Mill demonstrated to him that “democracy is still capable of rewarding a conscientious servant.

His years in London led Adams to conclude that he could best provide that knowledgeable and conscientious leadership by working as a correspondent and journalist. Henry Adams seated at desk in dark coat, writing, photograph by Marian Hooper Adams, 1883. Adams saw himself as a traditionalist longing for the democratic ideal of the 17th and 18th centuries. It was all the worse that he was a good man and a fine character and acted conscientiously.