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Jargon is thus “the technical terminology or characteristic idiom of a special activity e commerce terminology pdf group”. 1782 that “every science requires a special language because every science has its own ideas”.

It seems that one ought to begin by composing this language, but people begin by speaking and writing, and the language remains to be composed. On the other hand, jargon that once was obscure outside a small ingroup can become generally known over time. Middle English also has the verb jargounen meaning “to chatter”, which comes from the French word. An industry term is a type of technical terminology that has a particular meaning in a specific industry. It implies that a word or phrase is a typical one in a particular industry and people working in the respective industry or business will be familiar with and use the term. Precise technical terms and their definitions are formally recognised, documented, and taught by educators in the field. The boundaries between formal and slang jargon, as in general English, are quite fluid.

This is especially true in the rapidly developing world of computers and networking. As these devices became more widespread and the term became widely understood, the word was adopted as formal terminology. Technical terminology evolves due to the need for experts in a field to communicate with precision and brevity, but often has the effect of excluding those who are unfamiliar with the particular specialized language of the group. This can cause difficulties as, for example, when a patient is unable to follow the discussions of medical practitioners, and thus cannot understand his own condition and treatment.