Disneyland paris map 2017 pdf

The park opened on 12 April 1992 as the first of the two parks built at the disneyland paris map 2017 pdf. In 2016, the park hosted approximately 8.

13th-most visited theme park in the world. The park’s location brought forth its own challenges. As Michael Eisner noted, “As Americans, the word ‘Euro’ is believed to mean glamorous or exciting. For Europeans it turned out to be a term they associated with business, currency, and commerce. Renaming the park ‘Disneyland Paris’ was a way of identifying it with one of the most romantic and exciting cities in the world. Disneyland Park is divided into five themed “lands”, which house 49 attractions. Serves as the main entrance boulevard into the park and is themed after early-20th-century small-town America complete with a train station and Victorian architecture.

Features include desert and wilderness landscaping, large rock formations, a river, and frontier architecture. Caribbean, North-Africa, Africa and India. Lush landscaping is abundant throughout the land to give visitors the impression of being in a remote jungle. Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland, Paris. European thinkers and explorers such as Leonardo da Vinci, HG Wells, or Jules Verne.