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DIN, they are not yet published standards. Clay masonry units – Part 2: Solid and hollow bricks with density classes equal 1. Metric thread rolling screws of property class 10. M1,6 to M52 Hexagon Cap Screws Fully Threaded – Product grades 8. Electromagnetic Field – Part 1. Electromagnetic Field – Part 2. Electromagnetic Field – Part 3.

This page was last edited on 1 December 2017, at 10:58. Controls high qualityflow control solutions to meet their processrequirements. CONTROLSPentair is a premier manufacturer of valves, actuators and controls from utilityservices to the most extreme industrial and environmental conditions. PENTAIRYOUR PROVEN FLOW CONTROL PARTNERAt Pentair we neverstop working to developproducts that are customerled, solutions driven andspecifically engineered tohelp you achieve operationalexcellence more efficiently. Controls bringstogether the world’s premiermanufacturers of flow controlproducts. No part of this publication may be reproduced ordistributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without twritten permission. 1 and others are mandated by law and code.

Controls has been working alongside some of the world’s largestenergy companies for more than five decades providing innovative products forcritical process applications. AN INNOVATIONIN UPSTREAM CONTROLLABILITYTHE FIRST STAGE IN MOST GASPROCESSING INSTALLATIONSIS TO SEPARATE FREE LIQUIDFROM THE GAS STREAM TOAVOID OVERLOADING OF THEDOWNSTREAM FACILITIES. Generally, this is achieved by leadingthe gas through a high pressureseparator. BONNET BOLTINGOPENSPRINGSOFT SEALSBODY PROTECTING BUSHTURNING FORKTHROTTLEDFRONT DISCSOFT SEALSBACK DISC AND BEANCARRIERBODYSHUTCLEAN UN-ERODED SURFACEIS NEVER IN CONTACT WITHFLOWING MEDIUM. Controls is the name behind the world’s most comprehensiverange of valves, actuators and associated flow control products. Offshore facilities forthe past ten years forall of our five expansionphases and have foundtheir performance to beextremely satisfactory.

OFFSET 2OFFSET 1OFFSET 3TRIPLE OFFSETTHE CONCEPTVANESSA TRIPLE OFFSET VALVE: METAL-TO-METALTORQUE SEATED, QUARTER TURN NON-RUBBING ROTATIONOFFSET 1The shaft is placed behind the planeof the sealing surface to provide acontinuous seat path. PERFORMANCEACROSS A WIDE RANGE OFPRESSURE CONDITIONS. Their pioneering soft and metal seated designs wereengineered in Japan to meet and exceed exacting international specifications for the process industry. Asingle point provider, we offer anextensive product line for reliableperformance with lower valve life-cyclecosts. Features:Designed for low and medium set pressure gas, vapor andliquid or gas thermal relief applications. Features:Large orifice pressure relief valve product line is anextension of API Standard 526 designs for air, gas, steamand vapor applications. We offera full range of products that aremanufactured and built to perform.

Patented design doesnot require impulse lines or mounting brackets. Allows forsubstantial cost savings over conventional installations. Controlshas the experience, knowledge and proven capability that are critical in deliveringexpert service and maintenance. On the one hand,you need to increase plantefficiency, but on the otheryou Are under pressure toreduce costs by making betteruse of your existing equipment. Maximizing PERFORMANCEwhilE Minimizing cost and downtimeoutsourcing your plantmaintenance to a specialistservice provider makesgood sense.

Controls is thetrusted name behind the world’smost comprehensive range of valves,actuators and associated flow controlproducts. KEYSTONE BUTTERFLY VALVES – RESILIENT SEATEDSERIES 61, U” TO 24″SPECIFICATIONSANTICIPATED SEATING AND UNSEATING TORQUE VALUES – LBS. The mostcommon method of presenting thisinformation is by Cv. RESILIENT SEATEDFIGURES 990 AND 920, 1″ TO 20″, TO 150 PSIMATERIALS365124MATERIALSNo. RESILIENT SEATEDFIGURES 990 AND 920, 1″ TO 20″, TO 150 PSIPTFE LINEDThe Keystone Figure 990 and 920 is offeredwith PTFE lining for mildly corrosiveservices or an elastomer lining for mildlyabrasive services. Molded-in resilient seat providesbubble-tight shut-off to 250 psi. KEYSTONE BUTTERFLY VALVES – RESILIENT SEATEDFIGURES 221 AND 222, 2″ to 12″MATERIALS36715245MATERIALSNo.

Grinnell Series 8000Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves, 2″ to 36″Wafer and Lug style resilient seated butterfly valves withcartridge seat design. Grinnell Series 8000Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves, 2″ to 36″VALVE SIZINGcharacteristics are shown in the samemanner with Cv’s at the various discopenings. Tabulated below are the Cv’sfor the Series 8000 Butterfly Valve. Torque closing: greater torque results in improved tightness. Trunnion mounted fully welded ball valve Fig. 5600RAIMONDIThe ideal valve to minimise any risk of fugitiveemissions from flanges in the natural gas and oilindustry. 5600Typical Bill of Materialfor cl.

150, 300, 400, 600, 900Pos. Buttweld ends according to ASME B16. Face-to-face according to API 6Dand customer requirement includingmanufacturers standard. Composite handleF410 for Keystone valves sizes 25-150 mmKEYSTONEA new generation manual operator grip made of a hightech composite material suitable for many butterflyvalves with Keystone topplate. FCT TRUNNION MOUNTED SPLIT BODY BALL VALVESMODElS HPA, HRA, DBFCT designs are available in a wide range of materials includingvarious grades of carbon steel, stainless steel and specialty alloys. Morin uses either 17-4PH orductile iron for this critical area as standard. The yoke is the mechanism used to convert linear force to torque.