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Charles Weiss that emitted scents through the air-conditioning system of a digital scent technology pdf download. Smell-O-Vision did not work as intended.

Smell-O-Vision, aromas were released with a distracting hissing noise and audience members in the balcony complained that the scents reached them several seconds after the action was shown on the screen. In other parts of the theater, the odors were too faint, causing audience members to sniff loudly in an attempt to catch the scent. These technical problems were mostly corrected after the first few showings, but the poor word of mouth, in conjunction with generally negative reviews of the film itself, led to the decline of Smell-O-Vision. The device contained a cartridge with 128 “primary odors”, which could be mixed to replicate natural and man-made odors. No new announcements have been made since December 2000. This device was about the size of a teapot and could generate up to 60 different smells by releasing particles from one or more of 20 liquid-filled odor capsules.

Computers fitted with a Scent Dome unit used software to recognize smell identifying codes embedded in an email or web page. Kaori Web, which comes with 6 different cartridges for different smells. XML Smell, a protocol of XML that can transmit smells. The researchers also developed a scent-generating device and worked on miniaturising its size. D Aroma Generator, a USB device that comes with 3 different cartridges for different smells.

10,000 odors, that is intended to be part of a Digital scent solution for TVs and phones. The device combines a digital display with four small fans that direct an emitted odor to a specific spot on the screen. In December 2013 Amos Porat inventor and CTO Of scent2you Israel Company has built several prototypes that can control scents. In 2016 Surina Hariri, Nur Ain Mustafa, Kasun Karunanayaka and Adrian David Cheok from Imagineering Institute, Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia experimented with Electrical stimulation of olfactory receptors. 3D TV with Touch, Smell by 2020?

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