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1798 there was no applicable deportation law in the United States until an 1882 statute specifically geared towards Chinese immigrants. Chinese residents that were termed as illegally residing in the country. The types of individuals that could be deported from the United States was later reclassified to include those who were insane or carrying a disease, convicts, prostitutes, those entering the United States over the immigration quotas, anarchists, and those that belonged to organizations which supported the overthrow of the United States government denied detained deported pdf use of violence.

1891 gave a time limit of one year after an alien entered the country for the individual to be deported and decreased judicial review of deportation proceedings. 1919, a number of persons were deported under suspicion of illegal activity. Deportation laws were cited during the 1950s in order to remove union leaders and alleged members of the Communist party said to be illegal immigrants to the country. 23,000 aliens were deported annually from the country during the latter period of the 1980s.

Any individual who is not a United States citizen or national is deportable or removable. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency placed 164,000 criminals into deportation proceedings in 2007, and estimated that figure would be 200,000 for 2008. In 2001 approximately 73,000 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions were deported from the United States, and in 2007 this figure was 91,000. In 2011, the United States deported 396,906 people. He attended numerous conferences where terror fundraising was discussed. He also committed a series of immigration violations, from a simple overstay of his student’s visa to his fraudulent marriage to a U. Deportation ordered on 13 May 1997 but not carried out until 2002.