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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-1071800229. The literary work may also already exist on the author’s page rather then as its own article. If this is the case, then the request is a request to expand the section of the author’s article to make the literary work its own article. When you add a title to this list, please add it in proper alphabetical order within the appropriate section. This page was last edited on 24 June 2017, at 21:40. Bartholomew Garadex, an ancestor of Grubbs’, struck a deal with Lord Loss that if he could beat him at three concurrent games of chess, then Lord Loss would cure a member of the Grady family from the curse. They travel the world and the Demons’ universes attempting to keep humans safe from the demons by stopping power hungry mages from opening temporary “windows” between universes, thus letting them run wild, rapidly killing as many humans as they can before the window closes.

The Disciples claim that Beranabus is their leader, but he only calls on them when he needs them they work on something he can’t tend to himself. They are well organized and can cover up any situation that involves demons from getting out to the public. Although there are fairly few mages in the Disciples, they manage with what they have. Brigitta was engaged to a prince when she was kidnapped and impregnated by a demon.

In the labyrinth she gave birth to a baby boy. When the Minotaur found her and went to strike, she leaned over the infant and whispered in his ear: “your name is Beranabus”. The Minotaur killed Brigitta, but gave mercy to Beranabus because he showed no fear and later grew up in the Labyrinth. Minotaur, he gave Beranabus the option to leave with him. Instead, Beranabus stayed with the dead Minotaur and mourned the loss of his friend.

He started wandering after that and went into the Demonata universe. There is where he found his gift of speed. Beranabus first meets Kernel and together they hunt down the demon Cadaver with the Disciples. Carcery Vale when Grubbs and his friends unearth the cave in Carcery Vale. Beranabus was shown at a younger age, and everybody called him Bran. Beranabus is killed by Death in the 7th book “Death’s Shadow”, but appears later as a trapped soul and he informs the other of how to release trapped souls and temporarily incapacitate Death.