Central tendency in statistics pdf

Different central tendency in statistics pdf of average are used in different contexts. The most common type of average is the arithmetic mean. Switching the order of 2 and 8 to read 8 and 2 does not change the resulting value obtained for A. The mean 5 is not less than the minimum 2 nor greater than the maximum 8.

Along with the arithmetic mean above, the geometric mean and the harmonic mean are known collectively as the Pythagorean means. One example where the harmonic mean is useful is when examining the speed for a number of fixed-distance trips. The most frequently occurring number in a list is called the mode. It may happen that there are two or more numbers which occur equally often and more often than any other number. In this case there is no agreed definition of mode. Some authors say they are all modes and some say there is no mode.

The median is the middle number of the group when they are ranked in order. If there are an even number of numbers, the mean of the middle two is taken. Thus to find the median, order the list according to its elements’ magnitude and then repeatedly remove the pair consisting of the highest and lowest values until either one or two values are left. This method takes the list 1, 7, 3, 13 and orders it to read 1, 3, 7, 13. Then the 1 and 13 are removed to obtain the list 3, 7. However, this method for generating means is not general enough to capture all averages. This most general definition still captures the important property of all averages that the average of a list of identical elements is that element itself.