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This article is about the Spanish boy band. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Signed to Warner Music, they sing in English and Breathe a ghost story pdf. Spanish entrant on the competition.

Carlos Marco has studied vocal techniques at “Escuela Orfeo” in Alicante. Gango has taken part in gospel and classical choirs and has worked as actor and David Lafuente has learned in musical bands. They qualified to the next round by televoting. Each act had to sing three original songs, with the jury picking one original song from each artist. Auryn sang “Evangeline”, “El sol brillará” and “Volver”.

The latter was picked as their final song. Final 3, but failed to qualify for Eurovision 2011. 2012 both reaching the top 10 of the singles and album chart respectively. 2013 and went straight to number one on the album chart and has been certified platinum. Their third album “Circus Avenue” was preceded by the group’s first number one single “Puppeteer” and reached number one on the album chart where it stayed for 5 consecutive weeks. The group released their fourth album “Ghost Town” in December 2015, seven months before going on hiatus. The popular charm, when worn, allegedly gives the wearer the opportunity to fulfill all his wishes.

Since the original word AURYN always appears in the book in all capitals, the band insists on naming its album titles in all capitals as well. As the band went into hiatus in 2016, various members of the band launched solo projects. Blas Cantó signed to Warner Music Spain released his debut solo single “In Your Bed”. This page was last edited on 8 September 2017, at 10:35. When late at night the Yuki-onna would again go out on a journey, the old man would attempt to take her hand to stop her, when he noticed that she was chillingly cold. Then, before his eyes the girl turned into a whirl of snow that exited the house through the chimney. When one hugs the child, the child would become heavier and heavier until one would become covered with snow and freeze to death.

It has also been told that if one refuses, one would be shoved down into a snowy valley. When the warrior handed the child back to the Yuki-onna, the ghoul gave many treasures as thanks for hugging the child. It is also said that those who are able to withstand the ever-increasing weight of the yukinko and last all the way through, one would acquire great physical strength. 15th day of the first month, a yuki-onna would take many children along to a field to play, so children were warned against going outside.