Black dagger brotherhood lover revealed pdf

Team founder and black dagger brotherhood lover revealed pdf leader. Served in many incarnations of the team as both a member and a leader.

Second recruit to the original lineup. Formerly known as Pietro Frank. Recruited third to the original lineup alongside his sister, the Scarlet Witch. Formerly known as Wanda Frank. Recruited alongside her brother, Quicksilver. Former member of Force Works. Recruited as the fifth and final recruit of the original lineup.

Former member of the Hellfire Club. Has been in several incarnations of the team. Depowered as a result of M-Day. She was never seen as a participating member. Resigned prior to the first mission. Current status and whereabouts are unknown. Later known as Occult and later Peepers.

Included the veteran member Blob. Later worked alongside the X-Men and the Marauders. Co-founder and second in command to Mystique. Co-founder and served in several incarnations. Adoptive daughter of Mystique and Destiny. Later defected to the X-Men. Depowered following M-Day and driven insane.

Retained powers following M-Day and currently in the Savage Land. Founder and leader of this incarnation. Beast” from the Age of Apocalypse timeline, thus coming from another reality. Later seen trying to help Beast reverse M-Day.

Former member of the Dark X-Men. Used the alias Pamela Greenwood to get close to Bishop, but this is not her name. Associate member and revealed to be only a child. Defected from X-Factor to infiltrate and spy on this incarnation.

Took over leadership following Dark Beast’s leave. Leader of X-Factor and former field leader and member of the X-Men. Former leader of the Starjammers. Later returned to the X-Men, then X-Factor. Like Dark Beast, he is also from the Age of Apocalypse timeline.