Beyond the zone system pdf

X – Beyond the Frontier Coverart. During the test jump, something goes drastically wrong and Brennan ends up in an unknown beyond the zone system pdf of space. He encounters an alien race, the Teladi, a highly capitalist, profit-focused culture.

Finding Kyle helpless, they repair his ship and loan him some money. Argon and other alien races in the X-Universe. The X Universe is a network of sectors linked by jumpgates. With his jumpdrive destroyed, and no idea how to return to Earth, Brennan finds himself stranded, alone and indebted to an alien race. The player is free to choose how to continue the game, and if or when to pursue the main plot. Through trade and exploration, Brennan eventually encounters the Argon—a race who appear human. However, it quickly becomes clear that the Argon have no knowledge of Earth, and most dismiss Brennan as a crank when he claims to be from Earth.

He is subsequently led to a group of scientists and scholars known as the Goner, which is an organisation dedicated to preserving information about Earth. He works with them to discover the forgotten history of the Argon – that they are descended from humans who were cut off from Earth centuries ago in a war with rogue machines known as the Terraformers. After convincing the Argon that Earth is real, Brennan works with them – specifically, with Ban Danna, Head of the Argon Secret service – to prevent the Terraformers, now known as the Xenon, from developing a super-weapon. Depending on his status with the different X-Universe races, Brennan finally forms an alliance to attack the Xenon forces and destroy their super-weapon, thus completing the game. There are fifty-four star systems in the X Universe, and within each one there are numerous installations. There is at least one space station in each system, and they range from ordinary factories like solar power plants to shipyards.

By trading with them the player makes a profit, which allows one to upgrade the X-Perimental Shuttle with new weapons, better shields, and increased cargo space. It is possible to trade within a single system, but the player can earn credits much quicker by exploring other systems via the jump gates. Eventually, the player will be able to buy factories and thus earn much greater income. Although each system has at least one planet, it is not possible to land on any of them. Factories, space stations, and other installations are located far from the planets and stars. The game was praised for its open-ended gameplay and the large number of systems to explore.