Ball valve drawing pdf

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Chemical Online Quiz Tests for Freshers. What is preferred location for drain? Must be located at the bottom section of drum. What are the steps in selection of valve?

What to handle, liquid, gas or powder, fluid nature, function, construction material, disc type, stem type, how to operate, bonnet type, body ends, delivery time, cost, warranty. What are functions of valves? Isolation, regulation, non-return and special purposes. Gate, ball, plug, piston, diaphragm, butterfly, pinch. Globe, needle, butterfly, diaphragm, piston, pinch. What materials are used for construction of valves?

Cast iron, bronze, gun metal, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy carbon steel, polypropylene and other plastics, special alloys. Trim is composed of stem, seat surfaces, back seat bushing and other small internal parts that normally contact the surface fluid. Which standard specifies trim numbers for valve? What are wetted parts of valve? All parts that come in contact with surface fluid are called wetted parts. This term is used to indicate the premature erosion of the valve seat caused by excessive velocity between seat and seat disc, when valve is not closed tightly.