Accenture cloud platform pdf

In the accenture cloud platform pdf economy, platform ecosystems are nothing less than the foundation for new value creation. Learn why in Accenture’s 2016 Technology Vision.

We are currently experiencing technical issues with accenture. Ecosystems are the new bedrock of digital. Industry leaders are unleashing technology’s power by developing new technology platforms. But more than that, it’s the platform-based business models and strategies they enable that are driving the most profound global macroeconomic change since the industrial revolution. Amazon, Google, and Alibaba have long understood the power of digital technologies.

But look a little closer. Many of their most ground-breaking products and services are based on platforms. DBOs’ success rests on two key elements: the technology platforms they’ve built to support their businesses, and the business models these platforms enable. These platform-based business models fundamentally change how they operate. Click here to download the report. This opens a new window. Click here to view the Slideshare.

What makes these models special? They create value externally with digital partners and communities of users. In these new configurations, the platform is the business model. It opens entirely new paths to growth. Far from being untested, these new models are already enabling DBOs to dominate. 6 trillion in market capitalization worldwide.