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The film takes place in 1958, a time in which pop culture is transforming from 1950s jazz and early rock to a new generation on the verge of the 1960s. Young photographer Colin falls in love with aspiring fashion designer Crepe Suzette but she’s only interested in her career. Colin tries to win her affections by taking a crack at the big time himself. Meanwhile, racial tensions heat up in Colin’s neighbourhood of London. Temple’s adaptation, and its “erratic” results. Bowie’s theme song but described the film as “an overbudget turkey of huge proportions”.

David Bowie’s title track, Ray Davies’ “Quiet Life” and the Style Council’s songs were released as singles. Tracks 11-18 were exclusive to the CD version. Have You Ever Had It Blue? The Sunday Times Digital Archive. This page was last edited on 28 July 2017, at 14:13. La trama incorpora elementi delle rivolte razziali londinesi del 1958. Il giovane fotografo Colin si innamora di una aspirante fashion designer, Crepe Suzette, ma lei è interessata solo alla sua carriera.

Colin: nel romanzo il narratore è senza nome, così è stato dato il nome dell’autore per il film. La Ted: accreditata come Tenpole Tudor. Nel 1986, anno di uscita del film, vengono pubblicate diverse versioni della colonna sonora. 10 brani dei 18 compresi nella seguente lista, 5 per facciata. Europa, sempre della Virgin del 1986, contiene 22 brani di cui i 5 delle prime due facciate sono gli stessi dell’LP V 2386, ed altri 6 per ognuna delle ultime due facciate. Alcuni brani sono co-prodotti con altri artisti.

Who Can I Be Now? Questa pagina è stata modificata per l’ultima volta il 29 dic 2017 alle 22:49. There was an increase in violent attacks on black people through the summer. On 24 August 1958 a group of ten white youths committed serious assaults on six West Indian men in four separate incidents. Using the car as a lead, investigating detectives arrested nine of the gang the next day, after working non-stop for twenty hours.