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Retningen er i det store og hele uddød, omend dele af dens forskningsresultater er indoptaget som almen viden indenfor andre psykologiske retninger. Du opfordres til at logge på, men det er ikke about behaviorism skinner pdf download. Listen over de seneste ændringer i wikien.

Denne side blev senest ændret den 28. Del på samme vilkår 3. Please forward this error screen to 158. Burris contacts Frazier, who invites them all to stay for several days to experience life in the supposedly utopian community. Venturing to the community, named Walden Two, the young men bring their girlfriends and Burris brings along a colleague named Professor Castle, who teaches philosophy and ethics. Frazier, a smug, talkative, and colorful character, guiding his new visitors around Walden Two and proudly explaining its socio-politico-economic structures and collectivist achievements. Frazier, the skeptical and doubting Castle, and the quietly intrigued Burris.

In effect, Walden Two operates using a flexible design, by continually testing the most successful, evidence-based strategies in order to organize the community. Frazier argues that Walden Two thus avoids the way that most societies collapse or grow dysfunctional: by remaining dogmatically rigid in their politics and social structure. Frazier delightedly explains that Walden Two’s decision-making system is not authoritarian, anarchic, or even democratic. Planners have no power to exercise violent force on the community, a feature that Frazier often praises. Each member of the community is apparently self-motivated, with an amazingly relaxed work schedule of only four average hours of work a day, directly supporting the common good and accompanied by the freedom to select a fresh new place to work each day. The members then use the large remainder of their time to engage in creative or recreational activities of their own choosing.

The only money is a simple system of points that buys greater leisure periods in exchange for less desirable labor. Members automatically receive ample food and sleep, with higher needs met by nurturing one’s artistic, intellectual, and athletic interests, ranging from music to literature and from chess to tennis. As Burris and the other visitors tour the grounds, they discover that certain radically unusual customs have been established in Walden Two, quite bizarre to the American mainstream, but showing apparent success in the long run. Some of these customs include that children are raised communally, families are non-nuclear, free affection is the norm, and personal expressions of thanks are taboo.

Such behavior is mandated by the community’s individually self-enforced “Walden Code”, a guideline for self-control techniques, which encourages members to credit all individual and other achievements to the larger community, while requiring minimal strain. Excitedly, two of the young visitors sign up and are soon admitted as permanent members. Castle, though, has fostered a growing hunch that Frazier is somehow presenting a sham society or is in fact, secretly, a dictator. Frazier rebuts, on the contrary, that the vision for Walden Two is as a place safe from all forms of despotism, even the “despotism of democracy”.