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Journal of the Geological Society-1027381665. Full-text available from the year 1971 to current. Several antiparasitic drugs have been developed for control purposes. Atlantic and Pacific salmonids, respectively. The family Caligidae is estimated to contain around 559 species in 37 genera. How planktonic stages of sea lice disperse and find new hosts is still not completely known. Several field and modeling studies on L.

Atlantic salmon return and travel upstream in the fall to reproduce, while the smolts do not return to saltwater until the next spring. April, and ending in late August, dependent upon species and run timing. It is possible that sea lice survive on fish that remain in the estuaries or that they transfer to an as yet unknown alternate host to spend the winter. Smolt get infected with sea lice larvae, or even possibly adults, when they enter the estuaries in the spring.