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The line proved to be polarizing with G. 6 sigma pdf free download fans and ultimately unsuccessful at retail. Sigma 6 was cancelled after two years leaving many showcased sets and characters unproduced. 25th anniversary line and beyond.

Joe returned to television with “Sigma 6”, the code name for a new group of G. Joe heroes with highly specialized capabilities, which they use to protect the world from the Cobra Commander and his evil forces. Sigma 6 featured many of the most popular and well-known G. Joe characters, such as Duke, Snake Eyes, Heavy Duty, Scarlett and Tunnel Rat, as well as a new hero, Long Range. Joes to believe something bigger is going on. After a major attack by Cobra on the G. Joe Team’s headquarters, the Joes are forced to retaliate.

This time, they are equipped with Sigma suits. Designed by Hi-Tech, these special body suits protect the Joes from Cobra’s laser blasts and, in addition, enhance their abilities. The Joes are now code named Sigma 6. In 2005, Hasbro released a line of related toys.