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ISM Code in 1994 and incorporated it into chapter IX. By 1998 much of the commercial shipping community was required to be in compliance with the ISM Code. By 2002 almost all of the international shipping community was required to comply with the ISM Code. Also, the ship must maintained in conformity with the provisions of relevant rules and regulations and with any additional requirements which may be established by the company. Once the SMS is verified and it is working and effectively implemented, the ship is issued the Safety Management Certificate.

The requirements of the ISM Code may be applied to all commercial ships over 500 GT. The ISM Code is a chapter in SOLAS. If SOLAS does not apply then ISM is not mandatory. The ISM Code was created by the IMO and Ferriby Marine’s Capt. Graham Botterill, Specialist Advisor to the House of Lords in the UK on ship safety, among others. 450 passengers, around 80 crew, more than 80 cars, and close to 50 freight vehicles, left the Belgian port of Zebrügge for the English port of Dover.

Zebrügge’s breakwater, water flooded into the ferry’s lower car deck and destabilized it, causing it to sink in a matter of minutes. The immediate cause of the accident was that the bow door remained wide open, allowing a great inrush of water as the vessel increased speed, while the fatigued assistant boatswain directly responsible for closing it lay asleep in his cabin. The public inquiry led by Justice Sheen revealed that the assistant boatswain’s negligence was simply the last in a long string of actions that laid the groundwork for a major accident. The Sheen Report did not stop at identifying the shortcomings of the ship’s master and his crew. The inquiry revealed that the shore management, Townsend Car Ferries Ltd.

Only seven years prior to the accident, it was built in a German shipyard according to international maritime safety regulations. This page was last edited on 2 December 2017, at 21:34. Member States to avoid contagion of other animals or exposure of the consumers. Imported food needs to comply with the same standards. Are you prepared to respond to active shooter and hostile events? The document is open for input until February 23, 2018.

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